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Bankruptcy is not the end... it is the beginning.

Nothing lasts in life, and although it can seem scary to move forward, sometimes it’s the healthiest option. At Elkington Shepherd LLP, we firmly believe that your bankruptcy should be a stepping stone to greater things.

Financial responsibility doesn’t come easily, and for many people, external circumstances make it hard to overcome prior mistakes. Depend on our legal experience to help you get through trying times and surmount the hurdles that lie ahead. From educating consumers and business owners about which forms of bankruptcy they need to guiding them through the actual filing process, our legal team never stops working to advocate, litigate and fight on your behalf.

What's Working With Our Renowned Attorneys Like?

1. Start Your Free Consultation

We place great stock in the power of client education. By offering complimentary case evaluations, we help debtors make smarter choices about tough problems.

2. Discover Your Options

There are countless ways to deal with debt. Which is right for you? Our attorneys connect you with the resources and understanding you need to explore the possibilities.

3. File for Bankruptcy Confidently

Filing for bankruptcy can be complicated, but it's by no means impossible. We walk you through the process to avoid mistakes and improve your odds of a favorable outcome.

Debt Shouldn’t Define You


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Your debt problems won’t resolve themselves, so why not be proactive? Take the first step by discussing your circumstances with a knowledgeable Elkington Shepherd LLP attorney, and chart a path towards life after debt.

Ms. Elkington spent an extraordinary amount of time with me then recommended to not file for bankruptcy. She referred me to another attorney and left him a message on my behalf while I was in her office. Ms. Elkington went above and beyond the call of duty during a consult. Her professionalism is amazing.

Linda A.
Linda A.

If you are ever in need of this very humbling service...Sally is your person. She puts you at ease with her friendly demeanor and non-judgemental attitude. She made this potentailly harsh process fairly painless as she walked us through from beginning to end. We can not recommend her enough services enough!

Kelvin J.
Kelvin J.

Meet the Attorneys

Sally J. Elkington

Ms. Elkington has the personal drive to help debtors navigate tough circumstances and trying cases with equal grace. She also has the requisite legal experience: Almost 20 years of practice hasn't dulled her skills or her determination to make bankruptcy simpler.

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Jim Shepherd

Mr. Shepherd applies the lessons gleaned from 15 years of bankruptcy law and litigation practice on a daily basis. His passion and experience serve him well: He constantly seeks novel ways to put his legal knowledge to work on behalf of those whose finances get the best of them.

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