When you face overwhelming debt, it dramatically hampers your ability to enjoy life. From impacting your credit rating to preventing you from purchasing necessities, owing money to creditors is an ordeal that makes everything harder. Elkington Shepherd LLP was founded on the idea that consumers and business owners deserve the power to liberate themselves from debt responsibly so that they can move on.

Our attorneys possess combined decades of practice experience inside and outside the courtroom, and they’re driven by a common love of seeing people triumph when the odds seem to be overwhelmingly against them. We routinely apply our own knowledge and compassion for others to further our clients’ understanding of how bankruptcy filing procedures and protection mechanisms work. By keeping those we serve better informed, we’re able to make genuine positive differences in the lives of countless Californians.

We continuously strive to improve our mediation and litigation skills. No matter whether you want to manage your debt in a formal court setting or resolve the situation on your own terms, you can depend on us to help you master the fine details.

Our Attorneys

Sally J. Elkington

Ms. Elkington has the personal drive to help debtors navigate tough circumstances and trying cases with equal grace. She also has the requisite legal experience: Almost 20 years of practice hasn't dulled her skills or her determination to make bankruptcy simpler.

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Jim Shepherd

Mr. Shepherd applies the lessons gleaned from 15 years of bankruptcy law and litigation practice on a daily basis. His passion and experience serve him well: He constantly seeks novel ways to put his legal knowledge to work on behalf of those whose finances get the best of them.

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