Bankruptcy comes in many forms, but even with such a wide variety of protections, you may find yourself at a loss when searching for something that fits your needs. Fortunately, we can help you take advantage of a range of alternative solutions.


We apply our in-depth knowledge of bankruptcy law and our diligent approach to mediation to help you negotiate a debt modification without having to go to court. Your workout may take the form of:

  • An extension contract that gives you more time to pay
  • A composition contract where your creditors agree to a partial payment in exchange for closing their claims against you
  • A combination of both

Out-of-court Settlements

Settlements can help you end disputes with creditors and establish a clearer understanding of your rights and responsibilities as you attempt to move on. Our legal experience might be your greatest ally as you seek to devise a settlement agreement that your creditors find acceptable.

Resolve Your Financial Problems

Settling out of court or entering a workout contract are both effective means of dealing with debt. For either to function properly, however, you need to come up with terms that are legally valid and sustainable from a fiscal standpoint.

Let Elkington Shepherd LLP help you manage your debt resolution. We’re devoted to giving consumers, business owners and families second chances at financial responsibility. Talk to us today to book a free consultation by calling (510) 465-0404, and get debt-free without going bankrupt.